"When nothing is left of the world, can you still hold onto hope?"
Humanity's greed and abuse of natural resources forced mother nature to retaliate, only desolation remains. The land of Sylcivia is a post-apocalyptic world where scientists discover "KRAFT", the last remaining source of energy able to be harnessed.
Soon Kraft became humanity's desperate hope... On the protagonists' journey to seek out this last hope, an adventure is about to begin...

Shaw Jager

15yr. 165cm

Shaw is a young patrol of Village Jager.
Better known as the son of the former mayor, he dedicate himself to the documentation of natural life.
Believing in the motto "you will never know unless you try," his enthusiasm and curiosity leads him down an unexpected adventure to reveals the secrets of doomsday.

Lantez Vale

17yr 174cm

Lantez is Shaw's closest friend and the current patrol leader.
Despite his prudent and conservative personality, he always have Shaw's best interest in mind.

Tully Nashvit

14yr 152cm

Tully is the exiled princess of Nashvit Union State.
Undercover as an ordinary civilian after the failed assassination during the queen's coronation.
She seeks to uncover the secrets of the Royal Tome.



Rescued by Shaw and Lantez,
her interests in the ancient technologies draws her to the pair as they adventure together.

Lynn Calder

41yr 178cm

Lynn is the current leader of the Wind Thieves.
Pillaging the remains of wind hole devastation, his thieves sew fear into hearts of all misfortune souls who encounter them.
Lynn's irritable temper is matched only by his great ambitions.
Despite his reputations, he follows a moral code and is kind to his men.


45yr 183cm

Khonya is the devious tactician of the Wind Thieves.
His ingenious mind for military tactics have won him great favors with Lynn,
yet he seems to be plotting an entirely different game altogether.


D-4 is a robot discovered by Shaw during their adventure within the ruins of an abandoned facility.
Built by an ancient civilization of unknown origins,
D-4 is a rare high-tech machine lost to the known world.


G-Bug are the defensive robots in the ruins left by the ancient civilization.
Despite their somewhat adorable initial appearance,
their sharp talons were designed to attack intruders.

KRAFT Pilot film

Before the continued release of Kraft's concept art and story plots, we're releasing a clip of the animation to show you the high quality and standard we uphold. Picking a scene from the original script where Shaw and Lantez explore an underground ruin, we've completed the pilot film short animation! You may spot some differences between the character designs and currently developing concept art. We look forward to releasing even more exciting clips for you! Please look forward to it!

Studio REALS

Director & Script
Cheng-Ting Lin
Yueh Mou Hsieh
Bill Lee
Concept Artist
Chang-Ching Yeh
Che-Wei Chang
Tzu-Hui Sun
Pei-Hsuan Wu
Concept Artist
Chang-Ching Yeh
Marketing Film Director
Liu Yueh-Ming
Marketing Website Designer
Chia-chen Ling
Marketing Campaign Proposal
Faye Ku
Music Director
Shi Kuang Lee
Music supervisor
Jenny Yu-Chen Hsu
Shi Kuang Lee
Oren Dashti


Executive Director / Executive Producer
Chia-Lung Sun
Background Artist
Jian-Zhen Huang
Backgrounds Scenery Setting
Chuan-Ning Yao
Tzu-Ying Wang
Wen-Che Hsiao
Key Animation
Chuan-Ning Yao
Tzu-Ying Wang
Wen-Che Hsiao
Hao-Jun Lee
2nd Key Animation
Chuan-Ning Yao
Tzu-Ying Wang
Wen-Che Hsiao
Ying-Siou Lin
Tzu-Hao Wang
Ting-Yi Chueh
Hao-Jun Lee
Inbetween animation supervisor
Wen-Che Hsiao
Character design
Tzu-Ying Wang
Yu-Jen Tseng
Chuan-Ning Yao
Tzu-Ying Wang
Wen-Che Hsiao
Ying-Siou Lin
Tzu-Hao Wang
Chih-Hsien Su
Chieh-Kai Hsu
Ting-Yi Chueh
Ke-Wang Chuan
Iris Chen
Hung-Hsi Lu
Hsiang-Lien Liu
Color Design
Chieh-Kai Hsu
Color Design Proposal
Digital Coloring
Chieh-Kai Hsu
Chih-Hsien Su
Digital Composit
Chih-Hsien Su
Jui-che Cheng
Foreign Marketing Consultant
Jeffrey Wang
LOGO Design
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